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Activity Tray offers independence and self dignity.


The ACTIVITY TRAY™ is a new tool that can greatly assist people with activities at a table or on a lap.  It is adjustable in height and brings activities closer to a person’s eyes and mouth.  It can also greatly “stabilize” a person’s arms and hands if needed when they depress their arms into the formed sides. The tray simplifies many tasks and lessens the fatigue associated with daily activities.  It is the perfect product for home use or when a person travels out to eat.


The National MS Society provides financial assistance for items and needs related to MS. If you would like to contact them, their phone # is 1-800-344-4867 and a specialist will provide further information.

How it can help


It is a multi-use tray for “everyone” which can assist in uses such as:


Eating & drinking


Computer work






Any activity that benefits from stabilizing of arms/hands


Any activity that benefits from the use on a raised surface



Reversible large flat bottom

Allows the user to “secure”  their arms into the indented outside edges


Simple and easy open and closing with large built-in “pull handle”


Adjusts to various heights as needed/brings tray to most convenient position/4 adjustable heights


Rubber feet holds laptops when inverted


Built-in storage in lower portion of tray for carrying utensils


2 cutout areas for mugs and glassware


Rugged carry handle

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