InsulPak™ conveniently stores your insulin, and more importantly, keeps it at a safe temperature while you travel. Insulin needs to remain below 86 degrees to maintain efficacy.


 • LCD display with Temperature (F˚ or C˚)

 • Cold Storage Area for Medications

 • Regular Storage Area for Supplies

 • Reusable 24oz. Cold Pack (included)

 • Removable Shoulder Strap

 • Convenient Carry Handle on Top

 • Battery Included


Why guess?

Keeping certain medications cold is very important. That is why the InsulPak™ was created, for just that reason.

Just a quick glance at the temperature read-out on the front of the bag and you instantly know the temperature of the inside of the bag without having to open it. Keeps insulin and other medications safe from 24 to 30 hours.* Great for long distance travel.
*If used according to instructions.

Safe storage of temperature sensitive medicines

Will hold the cold for up to 30 hours

Comes with shoulder strap

Place to hold syringes, needles, extra medicine and all other needed supplies

10in wide x 8in high x 3in thick

(30cm x 23cm x 9cm)

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